Welcome to another gardening year. Please see our diary page for dates of events.

We have our usual 3 shows a year at The Methodist Centre.

Pruning and Grafting Workshops by our very own Roni. 

After last year's successful visit to the black bin recycling plant we have a trip to the green bin plant!

We also hope to have a couple of talks, hopefully one about climate change, the other about more conventional gardening matters. Also we hope to have a series of short workshops to demonstrate such things as  no-dig, double digging, composting etc.

We welcome as many people as possible getting involved in different ways. The best time to see everyone is Sunday mornings 10.30 - 12.30 where tea and flapjacks are served in The Hutch.

Happy gardening!


We have the new tool shed which is situated on the middle car park. This is primarily aimed at plotholders who do not have sheds but wish to store tools. Please identify your tools prominently. Also do not store strimmers, anything which contains flammable fuel or expensive items. Get your key from the DC. At your own risk.

Please check following instructions for use

Latest newsletter

Meeting Room (The Hutch)

The meeting room is now up and working. We are calling it 'The Hutch'

We use this for meetings, workshops and every Sunday, 10.30 - 12.30 it is the venue for our cafe with Martin's famous flapjacks, teas coffee and banter. This is the place to catch up with latest news and gossip and if you require advice you will get plenty!

Thanks to Phil in particular for all his hard work in this project.

Chapel Allerton in Bloom

Chapel Allerton In Bloom is a fairly new group in Chapel Allerton who aim to enhance the environment by planting trees, plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables in various places in Chapel Allerton. They have a facebook page and hope to form closer links with CAAGA. We encourage all our members to check out and join their organisation. They are looking out for volunteers to help out with some of their projects. They are hoping to gain some experience from CAAGA members but are grateful for any help at all. 

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